Fire Retardant, Environmental Protection, and Nuclear Solidification Products

Nochar is the best choice to develop and provide “State-of-the-Art” high quality “Fire Retardant”, Environmental Protection, and Nuclear Solidification products.

Nochar is the preferred source to develop solutions to fire and environmental problems through applied science and engineering that offer improvements over any known similar product or technology. We ensure our products are always environmentally friendly and pose no health threat in their use.

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide our customers with the highest quality products, to make their businesses more successful and be recognized themselves as protectors of the environment in a cost effective way.
  • Establish long term relationships with clients to provide current “products” as well as develop new products that meet or exceed their environmental needs.
  • Provide fire retardant, environmental protection, and liquid nuclear bonding products to enable our customers to reduce costs, meet government standards, and protect their property and the environment from damage.
  • Continue to be known for being the “go to” experts in these areas.

Fire Safety Products

Nochar’s Fire Preventer (NFP) is a State-of-the-Art fire retardant, which works on all natural fiber materials (paper, wood, cotton, charcoal, etc). Nochar also provides additional fire technology products that are available on this site.

Environmental Products

Nochar’s polymer technology solidifies and immobilizes liquid waste into a solid matrix, while achieving minimal increases in waste volume.

Nuclear Products

Nochar has developed numerous environmental and waste handling products for the nuclear industry through its years of research in the industry.

Nochar was founded and incorporated in 1986 to market a new “State-Of-The-Art” fire retardant, now known as Nochar’s Fire Preventer (NFP).

Nochar dedicated itself to helping to solve the fire safety problem in the United States and around the world through research and development, education and applied technology. Since 1986, Nochar has written countless articles on fire safety and has spoken before such groups as the Defense Department’s Fire Protection Association and various other military groups in and outside the Pentagon, the American Risk Management Association, state fire fighters associations around the country, state and local building inspectors associations, and building code official organizations.

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