About Us

Nochar was founded and incorporated in 1986 to market a new “State-Of-The-Art” fire retardant, now known as Nochar’s Fire Preventer (NFP).

Nochar dedicated itself to helping to solve the fire safety problem in the United States and around the world through research and development, education and applied technology. Since 1986, Nochar has written countless articles on fire safety and has spoken before such groups as the Defense Department’s Fire Protection Association and various other military groups in and outside the Pentagon, the American Risk Management Association, state fire fighters associations around the country, state and local building inspectors associations, and building code officials organizations.

PROBLEM SOLVING THROUGH APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING is “Nochar’s number one asset” offered to its Distribution System and their customers. Nochar’s Products are the tools resulting from the problem solving process. Nochar’s growing Distribution System includes individuals and companies with multitudes of expertise in widely varying disciplines which are and can be brought to bear on problems. Through synergistic cooperation and the network of consulting engineers that has been developed by Nochar, it is able to continuously develop new industry-leading Products and Technology from within its System.

THE NOCHAR PRODUCT LINE has been assembled to meet very rigid standards.

Each Product must be state-of-the-art and represent a window of technology. A window of technology is an improvement over any known similar product or technology. Each Product must also be environmentally friendly and pose no health threat. Nochar’s fire safety products now include fire retardants, fire resistive coatings, both permanent and temporary, fire suppressant gels, thermal block coatings, heat scavengers, and suppressant systems.

In 1991, Nochar introduced its environmental safety products such as, spill reponse and stablization products for hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, bodily fluids, hydrocarbon sludges and various nuclear liquid byproducts.

THE NOCHAR PRODUCTS include Fire Safety, Environmental Protection (“EPP”) and Nuclear technology.

The Fire Safety Products include compounds effective on natural fibers, as well as gels and pastes that can be used on synthetic materials or metals. Each of the “EPP” products is an invaluable tool in preventing, containing and remediating hazardous chemical or bodily fluid spills or continuous contamination. The Spring of 1993 marked Nochar’s entry into the water filtration industry by a break-through development of a filtration media that out-performs granulated activated charcoal and other types of filtration systems for removal of hydrocarbons and volatile chemical contaminations, both emusified and free floating. Nochar’s media’s are being used by oil companies, maritime companies, paper mills, truck and car wash companies, hazardous waste engineers and consultants, shipyards and municipalities. Nochar is now working with some of the largest environmental consulting and engineering companies in the world to solve environmental problems.

NOCHAR has participated in fire-razing of buildings for training fire fighters in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, California, Washington, and Texas.