A610 Hydrocarbon Oil

Dry granular material for use to immobilize petroleum based liquids (on water or land) including fuels, solvents, paints, etc. The product is suitable to bond or congeal a spill to slow or stop the spread of the liquid.

The product is ideally suited for spill clean ups, transforming liquids and fluids to a removable solid with minimal volummetric increase The amount of product to be used depends on the desired results (i.e., from congealing to solidification). The application rate may vary with viscosity of the liquid being absorbed. The bonding ratio can easily be changed depending on the type of hydrocarbon being bonded.

To fully solidify the liquid normally requires one (1) pound of A610 to fifteen (15) pounds of spilled liquid. Test on small sample for predictable rate usage. Pick up ratio and speed of solidification will vary with type of liquid being bonded. amount of volatiles remaining, temperatures and the viscosity of the liquid.

Environmentally friendly, cost effective absorbent products that meet the tough EPA standards for hazardous spill control and disposal. Whether it’s oil, chemical, or bio-hazardous, you need protection from workplace and household spills. Our line of Nochar products are tough and effective against a variety of spills for any situation.