A660 Acid Bond

A660 Acid Bond is a dry granular material
developed to immobilize both acid and alkaline
based spills. This solidification product has been
used in U.S. and countries around the world to
bond and congeal acids and bases of all types.

A660 Acid Bond is a dry granular polymer specifically designed to solidify
acid and alkaline based liquid spills. A660 works on pH levels at any range
of the spectrum. The bonding ratio (weight of polymer to weight of liquid),
can be adjusted to the solidification need or desire of the user.

Environmentally friendly, cost effective absorbent products that meet the tough EPA standards for hazardous spill control and disposal. Whether it’s oil, chemical, or bio-hazardous, you need protection from workplace and household spills. Our line of Nochar products are tough and effective against a variety of spills for any situation.