E115 Fire Fighting Gel

E-115 is a complex liquid, polymer based emulsion, designed to enhance the capability of water, and create an extremely effective firefighting tool for all types of “Class A Fires”.

E-115 when blended with water at various ratios (depending on the desired film thickness) will minimize either direct or radiant heat transfer to adjoining surfaces. E-115 can be used on structural fires as well as fire breaks to aid firefighters in slowing the progression of a fire front. E-115 can be used to extinguish Class A Fires without using as much water as would normally be necessary. E-115 has been tested to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe for the environment.

In the western United States and Canada, this technology is marketed under the name of FIREWALL II, and is used to fight wildland fires both on the ground and in the air by dropping blended gel from helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. For more information regarding these applications, contact Nochar for details.


Heat and time are the two elements against which every fire fighter must struggle. Heat, because it promotes fire growth, personal injury and property damage. Time, because the longer a fire rages out of control, the more difficult it becomes to suppress until it depletes all available fuel. E-115 under the trade name Firewall 11 is a product that is more effective than straight water to rapidly cool the ambient temperature of the fire environment and the fuel surfaces. WATER IS inexpensive and usually readily available. A lot of research has gone into the use of water in fire fighting. Research on new ways of delivering water to the fire, new ways of delivering various hose stream patterns to the fire, water misting to reduce radiant heat and the use of water as a delivery system for additives, such as foams and surfactants. E-115 is an advance technology designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of water as a fire extinguishing agent.