Nochar’s P215 Thermal Blocking Paste

Plumbers, welders, or anyone using a torch, should use Nochar’s P215 heat barrier paste. P215 will minimize direct or radiant heat from the flame source to adjoining surfaces.

Safe and non-toxic, P215 can be used on natural or synthetic surfaces adjoining the welding or soldering areas such as PVC, wood trim, plastic or vinyl cabinets. Heat sensitive surfaces can be surfaces can be temporarily covered during heat repair operations and then easily cleaned by wiping the P215 off the treated surface. P215 is water soluble and can be removed with water and a cloth.

P215 is used in numerous industrial applications, where protecting adjacent surfaces from heat and flame is necessary from industrial production to ship building and repair.

P215 has been utilized to protect stunt people from skin damage, in live body burns in television and movie production sets. Movies like The Lord of the Rings, Saving Private Ryan and television production series like The Walking Dead have enjoyed the benefits of this remarkable product.