• Nochar Inc

    Nochar Inc

    A worldwide recognized leader in the marketing and development of state-of-the-art fire and environmental safety products.
  • The Go-To Choice

    The Go-To Choice

    Nochar's 26 years of business experience makes us the go-to choice of government, industrial, and commercical customers around the globe.
  • Wildland Fires

    Wildland Fires

    Each year, wildland fires cause suffering and millions of dollars in damages. Much of this damage can be prevented.

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Individual Family Dwellings

Individual Family Dwellings

The normal occupation of buildings pose fire risks even in the best designed fire safe buildings. However, conversely the less fire safety designed...
Fire Marshall Variance

Fire Marshall Variance

All commercial buildings constructed in the United States are built to a specific fire code.  Hotels and motels must have one (1) hour rated fire...
Fire Protection – The Red Stuff vs. Gel

Fire Protection – The Red Stuff vs. Gel

For decades, the Forest Service, particularly in the western United States, has been dropping red phosphate clay products from aircraft and...