S320 Thermal Coating

S320 Fire Retardant Coating is a liquid sealer used as a coating to fire retard most surfaces, including flexible and rigid foam, corrugation, some fabrics or previously treated surfaces.

S320 has the unique feature of being able to flex with the surface on which it is applied without cracking or flaking off. This protection also reduces the emission of toxic gases and radiant heat release when the product is under heat attack. S320, when used in combination with Nochar’s Fire Preventer, has proven to produce a “Class A flamespread” in the Steiner Tunnel test. S320 is also UV resistant, making it the coating of choice for covered bridges and other historical structures.

S320 Fire Retardant Coating Is used to coat sound proofing and insulation materials, such as urethane. It is also used in theatrical set design to render artificial rock and other creations flame resistant. S320 can be tinted to almost all colors with the exception of the darker or most intense colors. The heavier the applied coating or the more coats applied the greater the thermal protection to the substrate. For more information contact Nochar’s corporate offices.