AbsorbAll Mat

A polymer enhanced mat that locks up spills for pick-up and disposal. Unlike other mats that leak and drip like cheap carpet, the AbsorbAll Mat contains Nochar’s high-tech solidification polymers that immobilizes liquids within the mat. The AbsorbAll Mat is able to withstand heavy toolboxes, crawlers and even fork trucks and still retain spilled liquids. Forget the rest, buy the best.

* The A675 – Absorball Mat is constructed of State-of-the-Art polyfabric with a tough slip-resistant polymer backing. Nochar’s high-tech hydrocarbon and aqueous polymers are sandwiched between the layers of fabric solidifying all liquid spills

* The A675 – AbsorbAll Mat will absorb and solidify up to 1.5 gallons of any type of liquid spill

* The A675 – AbsorbAll Mat will not leak liquids when removed for relocation or disposal

* All spilled liquids are absorbed and solidified in the polymer layer, reducing the tracking of spilled liquids from the mat to shop floors

* The A675 – AbsorbAll Mat stays in place on work floor surfaces reducing the potential for slips and falls

* All materials used in the A675 – AbsorbAll Mat are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

* The A675 – AbsorbAll Mat is designed for Waste-to-Energy incineration and is perfect for organizations looking for “Zero Landfill” options

* The A675 – AbsorbAll Mat is designed for long-term use, making it economical when compared to similar type products, EVEN RE-USABLE, WASHABLE RUGS

* The A675 AbsorbAll Mat is available in 4′ x 4′ sheets and in roll form which allows the Mat to be easily cut-to-fit any workspace need

Nochar Inc.